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The approach to technology cannot and must not be complicated. In my courses, in my individual lessons, but also in the normal approach with clients I use a clear, simple language, and as much as possible without technicalities. Because communicating and understanding technology cannot be a world for a select few, but a resource for any type of business.  

PC technical assistance

Are you making the best use of your technological infrastructure? Are you able to assess if your corporate network is secure? Are your staff properly trained? Is your data protected? If your PC crashes are you able to continue working?

Website creation

Is your company visible on the web? Is your website a simple showcase or a tool that generates customers? How much do you think you have to spend to redo the website? Have you ever thought about using social networks to attract new customers?

Social communication and management

What is your goal when you talk about your company on the web? How do you address your audience? What strategy do you introduce yourself with? If your strategy hasn't been effective so far, maybe we can have a chat!

Self Publishing

Have you written your book, your story, your novel, but you don't know how to proceed with publication? Did you go around the publishers but no one answered you? I can show you the way to do it yourself, and give you all the information to get excellent results!

Corporate and Private Training

How well do you know your IT tools? You are sure that you know and use the software you have available to the fullest Would you like to work more effectively?

PC and Smartphone courses

Do you have a PC, a smartphone and a tablet in your hands and would like to know their features in depth? Would you like to be able to use it to the fullest but lack knowledge? The courses are perfect for you! And if you have a connection, they can be done directly on-line

Digital Solutions
For your business

What do you expect from a consultant? That it follows you at 360 ° recommending the best solutions, even if sometimes they are not the cheapest ones, but that it is also able to save you without sacrificing safety, speed and reliability.

That he is there when you need him and that he doesn't let you ride the waves alone when the sea is stormy!

who I am

Mi chiamo Daniele Bottoni Comotti, e da oltre vent’anni mi occupo di consulenza informatica, come Libero Professionista. Più nello specifico, affronto i problemi tecnologici e della comunicazione di privati, imprese ed attività turistiche e ricettive. Ogni giorno mi trovo ad aiutare le persone a gestire i piccoli e grandi problemi nell’affronto della tecnologia e dall’innovazione.

Ho lavorato in diverse grandi realtà dell’area milanese, come Fiera Milano, Banca Caboto (gruppo Intesa), Bayer Italia e Coca-cola Bevande Italia, nelle quali mi sono occupato di assistenza tecnica agli utenti.

Attualmente sono impegnato anche come Co-founder & CTO della Sartup milanese Guestoodo, che si occupa di proporre Esperienze Locali agli ospiti delle strutture ricettive

Seguo da sempre la storia dell’evoluzione dei computer, passione che mi ha condotto a scrivere ed a pubblicare due libri sullo sviluppo della tecnologia.

Sono da molti anni impegnato in progetti di formazione e diffusione del digitale come risorsa di sviluppo e innovazione.

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My books

The startup Guestoodo

Guestoodo is the Startup of which I am Co-Founder and CTO (chief technical officer). We take care of gathering, proposing and selling local experiences to guests of the accommodation facilities, so as to make the accommodation experience an unforgettable experience. We are particularly active in the Verbano Cusio Ossola area, where we have our first operational headquarters.

Vendi le tue esperienze locali

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To arrange an appointment at the headquarters or on-line contact me at the following addresses

Daniele Bottoni Comotti

Operational Headquarters - Corso Roma 159 

At Fomart

28883 – Gravellona Toce VB







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